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As a responsible World #1 Air Purifier brand, a special Anti-Virus Green HEPA is offered to contain spread of Virus.

Green Anti-Virus HEPA destroys protein on the surface of Flu/Virus and makes it difficult for them to survive and breed.

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How Coway became the World's #1 Air Purifier
5 Years Warranty on Motor and 1 Year Warranty on Electrical Parts.

Coway Air Purifiers

Patented Technology
Award winning Design

Coway offers a customised solution to Air Care based on your requirement.

1. Area coverage : (Select Air Purifier as per required coverage area right from 255 sq. feet to 1000+ sq. feet area)

2. Solution to specific pollution problem : (Fine Dust, Allergen, Smoke, PM 2.5, Oils, Bad Odor, VOCs, Pets, etc)

3. Place : (Home: Living Room & Bedroom, Office, School, Gym, Hospital, Commercial Building, Industrial Area, etc)

Coway’s Patented Smart Air Control Technology ensures effective Air Purification of entire room through uniform Clean Air Delivery to every corner of the room. Coway's TrueHEPA & Carbon Filter guarantees removal of 99.97% of Air Pollutants.

Breathe Clean and Healthy with Coway Air Purifiers. Specialized in Air Care.


  1. 1- IF Design Award for Best Air Purifier Design.
    (Awarded for 9 consecutive years)

  2. 2- IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) for Best Air Purifier Design.
    (Awarded for 7 consecutive years)

  3. 3- Reddot Design Award for Best Air Purifier Design.
    (Awarded for 10 consecutive years)

  4. 4- Japan's Good Design Award for Best Air Purifier Design.
    (Awarded for 9 consecutive years)

  5. Most Trusted Brand in Air Care


Specialized in Air Care since 1989

Established in 1989, Coway has been dedicated to researching & developing environmental solutions to Air Pollution. Over the years, Coway has progressively improved lives of millions of individuals through unique Coway Air Purifiers (Best Rated TrueHEPA and Carbon Filter) and making world a cleaner and purer place to live.

Coway cares for your family by assuring best quality Indoor Air at your home. We understand how sensitive and important Air Quality is when it comes to good health and well being for your new born babies, infants, expecting mothers, parents, grand parents & other elderly members.

Today, Coway has the world's largest Air Care R&D Centre with full time 243 researchers and 704 intellectual properties and enjoy 40 % global Air Purifier market share.

Proudly, we are World's #1 Air Purifier Brand.


Clean Air Today.
Healthy You Tomorrow.

Indoor air pollutants are ultra fine dust particles normally not visible to human eye. When we breathe, these Air pollutants get into our respiratory system. Exposure over longer period of time, leads to respiratory diseases, asthma & lung problems, allergy, etc.

14 out of 15 most polluted cities in the world are in India with alarming pollution levels (Delhi, Gurgaon, Kanpur, Lucknow, etc). Metro cities (Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Patna, Agra, Jaipur, etc) with continuous construction work, increased number of automobiles, industrial pollution, poor waste disposal & sewage conditions too are exposed to high levels of air pollution.

An average human spends 21 hours/day indoors and hence indoor air quality is utmost important. As per test research, if we are exposed to air pollution with PM 2.5 index in excess of 150 for longer period, it seriously affects the respiratory system thereby reducing life expectancy by 2 to 5 years.

Corporate Commercial Building with glass facade, are completely alienated from outside environment, face various health hazard because of poor ventilation resulting in low oxygen inflow & low odor outflow. Air Purifier helps in reducing Odor and Harmful Pollutants.

Electric Precipitation & Ionization can only help eliminate Large Dust whereas Coway TrueHEPA & Carbon filter offers complete solution from Air Pollution. TrueHEPA removes ultra-fine PM 2.5 particles, Fine Dust & Pollen along with large dust. Deodorizing Carbon Filter removes harmful gases, smoke, bad odor, etc.

Coway Air Purifiers come with special Anti Allergen coating on TrueHEPA Filter ensuring your family & loved ones not only get protection from Dust, Pollution & Smoke but also from Allergen & Virus.

Coway Technology

True HEPA Filtration Technology that eliminates
PM 2.5 Micro-Particles, Dust, Pet Hair & Dander,
Allergens, Bacteria, etc. Urethane Carbon Filter that
removes Bad Odor & Foul Smell.

Coway has developed premium filters after rigorous testing & continuous research. The prime technology Coway Air Purifiers work on is the True HEPA filtration technology which results in optimum purification.

Coway has the thickest-in-class HEPA filter that removes majority of the indoor air pollutants including dust, human hair & pet dander. At the same time, it excels at eliminating 99.97% of the micro-particles, allergens, pollen & PM2.5 particles circulating inside our rooms.

The Anti-flu coating on the HEPA filters helps keeping viruses and bacteria away thereby, preventing the risk of respiratory & viral diseases.

The Patented Urethane Carbon Filter stunts the passage of bad odor and foul smell of smoke, leftovers, etc and creates a fresh environment for your loved ones.

Coway, having one of the contemporary but the largest R & D center have created the most effective Filtration Systems for your well-being.

Customer Review

Best all-around air purifier in this price range

II currently have 3 air purifiers installed at home in the last 1 year - The Coway AP-1009 (this model), Phillips 1000 series, and Mi 2s. All 3 are in the 8000 - 15000 INR price bracket.
This is my take on Coway vs. the other 2:
  • Customer support is by far the best in Coway. They are proactive, friendly, and transparent - just how customer service is supposed to be. Phillips customer service is the worst (in Chennai at least), while Mi is in the middle.
  • Customer service: Coway hasn't had any problems yet so I haven't had a chance to test out service levels. Due to frequent power fluctuations in my area, both the Phillips and Mi 2S suffered a short circuit and stopped working. Upon returning the units to their respective service centers, Phillips service center in Chennai has no infrastructure at all, and they took more than 2 months (!!!) to repair, plus I paid extra for the circuit board (Rs. 1500) which was apparently not under warranty. Mi 2S didn't have any service at all - they simply replaced the unit with a brand new one once they found what the problem was (took about a week). This could be due to them not really having a service/spare parts license in India due to it being a Chinese company, but I am just speculating here. As for Coway, the service apparently has at-home repair service included in case something goes wrong, which is a big big plus in my book.
  • Features: In terms of actual cleaning ability of PM2.5 pollutants, the Coway seems to work the best, since it has a 3 stage filtration. Philips has this too, but I am not sure it cleans as good (it's about 20% smaller), while Mi 2S just has a circular HEPA filter and no pre-filters as far as I know. So for purifying ability I'd trust the Coway the most - technically speaking.
If you read online blogs and journals, you'll quickly realize the 'auto' mode in most commercial air purifier doesn't really work to clear the room of pollutants. What I usually do is leave all the purifier in their highest fan settings for 3 hours before bedtime, and put on the auto mode during sleep so it's not too loud. This is the only solution for Phillips and Coway. For Mi 2S, it can connect to your phone with its own Mi home app so that you can remotely control the settings and set timings on the purifier. The app has a quirky UI and layout though, so consult online blogs on how to use it. Mi 2S also has air quality indicator readings that the other 2 lacks. While this is really great in theory, again if you read online reviews you'll see that these numbers are inaccurate and really not representative of actual air quality as measured by a proper instrument. Having said that, I wish the Coway had some sort of air quality meter reading.
Design: Coway is the best designed, it is beautiful and the lights are very pretty. You can turn them off if you prefer pitch dark like me (however the tiny but bright LED light that signal on/off cannot be turned off). The Mi 2S is a large cube block, which is a simple but pleasing design. The Phillips I would say is the least pretty.
Buttons: Coway has all buttons on top, they work great and have good tactile response. Phillips is the worst - the buttons are vague and lack any feel. Mi 2S has just one button at the top which works great.
Summary: In summary, I am happiest with my Coway purchase compared to the other 2 because of it superior performance and excellent customer service and support. Some features are missing and if those are added it would be the best in this price range. I will definitely not buy Philips again and Mi 2S is a question mark in terms of performance.

- Pranab

Awesome Design, Excellent Product Quality & Complete Value for Money

As the quality of air is worsening day by day and my brother started to experience itching in the eye because of the harmful dust particles in the air, the doctor recommended to purchase an air purifier hence I made this purchase after talking to the customer care. After doing a little research on the internet, I found that the brand Coway is very well known.

I wasnt really sure if it will be benefitical to us but after using it I could see the striking difference. The overall air quality of the room has been way better than it was before and there has been a definite ease in breathing.

On little more inspection of the filters, my husband pointed out the dust gathered in the filters. It shows the necessity to use purifiers at home, specially if your area is highly polluted. It has a silent operation and does not disturb you at all. The filteration is very efficient and has advanced features. It is also a very energy efficient machine.

The maintenance is quiet low as you only have to clean the filter. It's unbelievable. Plus the auto mode is a delight! Strongly recommend for every home.
If it an Air Purifier, it has to be Coway!

- Devika Malvankar

An ideal air purifier for small to medium sized rooms.

After many research and reading online reviews, I had shortlisted airpurifiers from Dyson & Coway. Dyson, being a premium UK brand, their range of airpurifiers were pretty much expensive compared to the other brands. Coway came much recommended to me as this was a reputed brand from South Korea. Also, according to the claims from the company, they are the pioneers & leader in airpurifiers in South East Asia. Upon checking with Amazon US, their models has been reviewed highly too. I finally decided to go for Coway which offered almost similar features when compared to the ones from Dyson at a very competitive price.

Once the product was delivered, it was easy to install. The operating manual had sufficient information about the company and the working of the product. A representative from the company also called to check with us regarding the performance of the purifier. He was much helpful too in clearing our doubts. A clear good example of how a brand / company should treat their customers post sale.

I basically wanted a good purifier for my mom's bedroom as she's a chronic asthmatic since almost 30 years. The Coway Sleek Pro Ap 1009, like the name suggests, has a sleek, light weight design. The air quality indicator ring is very helpful and gives us an idea about the quality of air. The only drawback here is the actual air quality index display is not available with this model. But be assured, the purifier works as advertised. The bedroom is located near the kitchen, and the cooking fumes gets filtered out by the device. The indicator shifts from a polluted red to a cleaner blue once the room is cleaned of the fumes. It takes about 10 minutes, and you actually feel the air getting purified which really assures that the purifier isn't just a namesake device but truly purifies the air. Ofcourse, as required with all other purifiers, this device too needs to be installed in a closed room and requires regular cleaning and maintenance which is doable. The hepa filter life is supposedly good which I can't comment now as I'm using this purifier since two months. The Coway Sleek Pro Ap 1009 purifier lacks some of the gimmicky features like wifi / Bluetooth enabled, but compensates all this with a truly robust performance. In the long run, how much will the purifier be beneficial health-wise needs to be seen but seeing how it performs, it does looks promising.

This purifier works as advertised and for the price, I think this should be the ideal choice for small to medium sized rooms.

- Lord of the Steels ™

Quality Air Purifier

Like : After 2 Weeks of Use
  1. Body Cover is Excellent Quality like IPhone Back Cover (Glossy ) So Dust is NOT Formed
  2. Easy to remove the FRONT Cover
  3. Normal Fan Sound is very Silent
  4. Kitchen smoke Cleaned in 10 Minutes
  5. Open Garbage Burning Smoke is Cleaned. So you NO need to Struggle to Breath (Most Useful)
  6. Air Quality Indicator Sensor is EXCELLENT
  7. First time INDIA plug WIRE is so Long and Enough like MacPro Old charger. Very useful. Appreciate the Design Engineer thought process. This kind of LONG wire you can not find in any Home Appliances . Very Useful

Improvement Required :
  1. On-Off Switch Quality can be better
  2. LED Lights(Switch) too bright. But it is BLUE so night Lamp is not required ( MOOD light is OFF)
  3. Turbo mode Sound too loud
  4. IF machine in Auto Mode No issue otherwise Turbo mode sound is noisy
  5. Stand is shaking sometime while keeping the Air Purifier on the table
Overall Like the Product , So I don't worry about Manufacture origin Country. First time in Amazon i am writing detailed review because of the Product Quality.

- Mocy

Sleek, Stylish, Ease of Use and amazon customer support

Used this product for a month now
  1. Very sleek and stylish. Sturdy as well, easy to carry around. Will suit any room in the house.
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Easily purifies the room, quick detection and purification
  4. Easy to clean and replace.
  5. Amazing customer service.
  6. Air Quality Indicator Sensor is EXCELLENT
  7. First time INDIA plug WIRE is so Long and Enough like MacPro Old charger. Very useful. Appreciate the Design Engineer thought process. This kind of LONG wire you can not find in any Home Appliances . Very Useful

Bads: Found none so far:
  • It is not everyday you see customer service that Coway offers. Their representatives were very responsive and informed me about the product details to my satisfaction. This was before I ordered the product.
  • When the product arrived... It was as advertised. Very sleek and trendy. Operating the purifier is very easy since they send you instructions.
  • Another thing I noticed is how quietly it runs. You wouldn't know it unless you were fascinated by the beautiful blue, purple and red circles.

It is very responsive to the pollutens in the area, upon detection of dust, smell or smoke.. It sets of automatically and works it magic.
Just cleaned after use of one month, very easy to do. Has very long filter life as well so no need to worry.
Definitely recommend.

- Dhaval Thakor

Pure Air and Awesome Company Support!!

I am an asthmatic and have been wanting to buy an air purifier but going thru reviews of more familiar names was daunted by obstacles like poor service & lack of accessories. But all this changed when I connected with Coway. Right from when I first spoke to the marketing team before buying the product to product installation and follow up - Ihave been totally impressed by this company.

The air purifier is very easy to install, use & clean. (I've just cleaned it myself last weekend.) It works unobtrusively without any noise. The light doesn't disturb at all but actually works like a night light. We use it mainly at night and although its only been a month since we've been using it I can feel the difference in the air I'm breathing. Whats more, a fortnight ago, I had guests from the US who were quite worried about pollution levels in Delhi. I placed the purifier in their bedroom and they were very comfortable and confident during their stay.

Although its just been over a month that I have been using this product, going by the company's service response and the functioning of the product, I am convinced that buying the Coway Air purifier is one of the most sensible things I have done! Infact, I'll soon be going in for a second one for my parents I whole-heartedly recommend the Coway purifier to anyone looking to buy one.

Keep up the good work Coway!

- Amazon Customer

Effective, efficient and inexpensive

Kindly read this review if you’re planning to buy this product.
I'll explain everything you need to know before buying this device.
*Coway is a Korean brand and I was confused if I should go ahead and purchase it as I had not heard of such a brand before. I researched and found that it was reviewed as "The Best Air Purifier" by Wirecutter. The product they are selling in India is not rated though, it gave me an assurance on the brand.
*It has an inbuilt Air Quality Indicator and it displays the air quality by the method of light indicators.
*You can install the device by watching the videos shared by the support team.
*It’s very easy and you have to wait for Coway customer care.
*The device is compact and doesn’t really require a lot of space.
*It’s made of good quality plastic.
*It's very lightweight easy to carry between rooms.
Air Filter Features:
* Within 35 minutes, the Coway air filter reduces airborne particulate pollution in a 150-square-foot Mumbai City bedroom.
* Coway maintains its exceptional performance over the long term, I have used it for 6 months now.
* Its compact form, quiet operation, and display-shutoff feature make it especially well-suited to bedrooms.
Setting it Up:
*Setting it up is quite simple.
*Plug it to the power adapter and once you're done, adjust the speed to turbo for 30 mins and then put it on Auto mode.
*It's really worth the money if you get an Air Purifier for that price.

- SP

No. 1 in Marketshare

Consumers and experts
have rated Coway as
the leader in air care industry.

  • 1. Air Purifier Marketshare

    Coway Air Purifier: 35.80%
    Brand 'L': 11%
    Brand 'S': 8%
    Others: 36%
    Source: Gallop Korea

  • 2. Brand Awareness

    Coway Air Purifier: 40%
    Brand 'C': 12%
    Brand 'D': 11.70%
    Source: IPSOS AS

  • 3. Coway Sales Data

    8 Units of Air Purifier sold every minute.
    5 million+ Air Purifier sold every year.

    4. No. 1 in Exports

    Coway Air Purifier is the most reliable Air Purifier by Exports Volume.

    Coway Air Purifier: 53%
    Brand 'A': 18%
    Brand 'B': 10%
    Others: 13%
    Source: Trade Statistics in Korea

    Truly the best in Air Care.

Design Philosophy

Air Purifiers with Best-in-Class Design

Best-in-class design sets us apart from our competition as our iconic designs always complement our high-tech air purifiers.

Powerful & Sleek Design with efficient Air Purification make a statement when placed at your Living Room/Bedroom, etc.

Coway Design Innovation Center:

This is our in-house creative department based in Seoul, Korea, where all Coway products are designed. With our diverse experience, the team always starts with the consumer insights before moving on to creative solutions.

Awards and Certificates

Most Awarded Air Purifier Brand Globally

Coway is awarded under various heads as best Air Purifier Brand.

1. Company Award to Coway Air Purifier:
a. UN GLobal Compact Award
b. Sustainable Business Award
c. Great Places to Work

2. Technology Award for Coway Air Purifier Technology:
a. CES Consumer Technology
b. Carbon Neutral Product
c. Prime Minister's Safety Citation Award

3. Design Awards for Copay Air Purifier
a. IF Design Award
b. IDEA Design Award
c. Reddot Design Award
d. Good Design Award


Leading by example

Research & Development

World's Largest Air Purifier R&D Center.

We (Coway Air Purifiers) are committed to our customers by making continuous investments in all our R&D capabilities.

Coway R & D Centre is a state of art building located at Seoul National University. Coway R & D is the world's largest Innovation Centre for Air Care. All our products undergo rigorous tests before we are ready to launch commercially.

Our R & D Innovation Centre has 243 full time in-house researchers and we own 704 intellectual properties on 528 patents & 176 utility models.