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Corporate Social Responsibility

We create a better world with goodness

We have grown as a company based on water and air. We want to build a happier
world by sharing with more people the elements of life given to anyone but not everyone can reliably enjoy, and by caring for their life. To this end, we will continue to do what we can do best to deliver hope to a wide range of regions and people who suffer from poor living conditions.

We bring clean water - Coway's Good Water Purifier Campaign

We share water of life in every corner of society - Distribution of Reliable Groundwater & Sharing Water Purifier

Coway who cares for the environment meets WWF, the world's largest nature conservation organization.

Since established in Switzerland in 1961, WWF has developed the global network with about 100 countries and over 5million supporters around the world as one of the world's largest nature conservation organizations. WWF endeavors to preserve biodiversity and the beautiful natural environment, home to the Earth's variety of life and reduce the impact either on people or on the flora and fauna and the natural environment. Here in Korea, WWF-Korea was established in 2014 and has been active in conservation activities. In 2016, WWF-Korea signed a partnership with Coway based on the shared value of ‘Environment∙ Living∙ Life' and has been driving efforts.

A first step for ethical consumption – Coway's WWW Edition

WWF edition is re-born through the partnership between Coway and WWF. Some of the proceeds from the sales of the WWF edition will go to activities to preserve the environment and life. That means you can provide support for the conservation of ecosystem and environment every month by simply using the rental service of the WWF edition. Your small effort for the environment contributes to building a healthy life and ecosystem for yourself, your family members and other people as well as the flora and fauna.

WWF edition of Coway's eco-friendly products that protects the earth environment

The WWF edition is the result of our effort for the minimization of industrial waste
and the circulation of natural resources. The entire process ranging from the creation to the completion of the WWF edition focuses on the environment conservation. The WWF edition is referred to as ‘Refurbished Product'. However, the WWF edition is not different from new products in terms of hygiene• performance• safety, because the products returned by a simple change of heart are reproduced as the WWF edition after going through the remanufacturing process with strict standards. The WWF edition is the best choice for the customers who pursue ethical consumption and care about product quality as well as price and the production process.

We kept a 10-year promise – Digging Wells in Cambodia

A good donation culture our employees create together – HANDSPAN Sharing

We come a hand's span closer to deliver love - Coway HANDSPAN Love

‘Re:NK ‘Re:Starter Beauty College' for career-disrupted women

Women's career disruption caused by taking years off for pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing has become social issues. We recognized this problem early on. In an effort to address this issue, we started the rental service business in 1998 and created new jobs called ‘Cody', our service professionals, for women. Our effort for women
still flourishes through ‘Re:starter Beauty College'. Since launched in 2014 to help women return to the labor market and financially stand on their own feet, the Re:starter Beauty College has supported women to take on new challenges by providing for them beauty training programs in a systematic manner and
opportunities to acquire professional qualifications. In 2016, we provided beauty professional course for 4 months. The women who participated in the training course acquired National Certificate of Beautician, and successfully entered the second half of their lives. We root for all women to take on challenges for themselves with beautiful confidence.