About Coway Beauty of Imagination


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The beauty of your

We wanted to change the image of air purifiers that people think of.
A fusion of cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design. Imagination with attention to detail.
The result is AIR MEGA, which operates beautifully and powerfully.

Background of design

A pencil for observing everyday life and writing down ideas.
With these two, the inspiration hidden in everyday life can be transformed into design.

Architectural balance

he best architecture is made up of the perfect balance of shape and function.
Today's technology enables materials and shapes that were once unimaginable, inspired by the beauty and perfection of nature.
AIRMEGA adopts advanced technology to realize unique functions and features.

Intuitive Intelligence

We find beauty in simple and intelligent things.
AIRMEGA, an air purifier that has evolved to a high degree and is environmentally friendly, was developed by combining these two elements.

Lifestyle supreme principle

Beautiful, connected and inspirational.
AIR MEGA's design is designed to be
optimized for modern lifestyles.

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