Air Purifier : The need of the hour


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Air Purifier : The need of the hour

A developing nation like India constantly thrives to increase the quality of lifestyle of the public which involves the rising usage of consumer edible goods, textile, transport and automobiles. The sales of automobiles accelerates with approximately 11,500 cars being sold everyday, on an average. Also, the textile and other consumer product manufacturing factories are rapidly increasing in number. Acknowledging the developing velocity of the country, we need to monitor that these mediums are pushing the air pollution levels almost close to the peak of hazardous level.


What mainly causes air pollution?

 Air Pollution is mainly caused by the following factors


When the air is instilled with dust particles, harmful gases and allergens, it’s quality is deteriorated. Other harmful components of air in particular like CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) and NH3(Ammonia) further worsen the air quality. This deteriorating air quality causes health problems starting out as breathlessness or severe cough, but with continuous exposure to such environment the body can fall prone to various cardiovascular and lung diseases. The breathlessness can also lead to respiratory problems like allergies and asthma. Coway, as a concerned group of peers realized the need of the hour and dedicated their research in air quality management. Coway observed that the ventilators installed in most indoor areas block the unpleasant odor and dust but is not equipped to stunt the passage of pollen, allergens and viruses through. So, the indoor air purification systems needed an immediate upgrade considering our critical pollution rates.


 India’s Critical Need for Air Purification 

Major cities in India list out at the top in air pollution problem


The air pollution in India in the winters sums up to one of the highest in the world. Majority of the northern cities like Delhi, Gaya, Kanpur, Agra, etc have very poor air quality which is declining every month. The smog levels in the peak hours of transport lead to fatal accidents resulting in escalated mortality rate.
In almost all cities, measures are being taken to reduce the outdoor pollution levels but the indoor air quality remains deficient. The traditional air filters have shown below average quality of air purification which only removes significantly larger dust particles. The allergens,viruses and harmful gases remain stagnant in the home environment which need to be filtered.


Coway Sleek AP-0509 and Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 are the new-age air purifiers.


We, at Coway with help of our experts have developed a BAF (British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval) certified 3-stage filtration process in our air purifier which uses  

  • Pre-Filter which removes the prominent larger dust particles

  • Deodorization Filter clears the unwanted odor of environment

  • HEPA Filter which filters the ultrafine pollen molecules, viruses and harmful allergens

We being one of the pioneers in air purification and no.1 in market share for over a decade have always functioned on a simple idea of
‘Providing improved environmental solutions’
With the evolving world we provide efficient and stylish air purifiers with HEPA filters for your healthy environment.

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