Gingko and Sumac in Coway Air Purifiers


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Gingko and Sumac in Coway Air Purifiers

Ever wondered about the green layers that cover the glass fibers in Coway HEPA Filters? No, we didn’t dye it coz’ we liked it, but we introduced it due to its innumerable health benefits!

Coway is the first air purification company to introduce Gingko and Sumac in its patented HEPA Filters. These plants are famous for its medicinal and healing properties.

What is Gingko?


Gingko is a member of Gingkoaceae family originated 300 million years ago, native to China. It is a Chinese herb meant to cure asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular diseases. Gingko got introduced to the western culture few centuries ago and has been enjoying the popularity since the past few decades.

They have been long valued for their healing properties, medicinal properties and particularly for helping in memory.


In the 14th to 16th centuries, gingko extracts were used to treat lung diseases like asthma and tuberculosis and skin diseases by topical application.


It has the ability to increase oxygen and nutrient supply to tissues and prevent inadequate blood supply. It also poses as an antioxidant that prevents free radicals and reduces oxidative damage to cells. 


In a 2015 review, it showed that gingko reduced “anxiety and depressive like behavior” tested among mice who were subjected to stressful situations.



Gingkoes are classified under the most tolerable tree species. They are known to be most resistant to air pollution.

It can absorb up to 2800 kilos of CO2 and is a fundamental barrier against gas, clouds of dust and heat.


Gingko is considered as the “living fossil”. It is a symbol of beauty and longevity – the tree that can live for a thousand years and known for its profound endurance – 4 gingko trees survived the blast at Hiroshima and are still growing today.


The bark of the leaves of the gingko trees are believed to secrete certain substances that are fire resistant and this makes it easy for them to survive in a fire.


It has the ability to survive in the most unfavorable environment and also protect itself against damages.

Meet Sumac!


Staghorn Sumac belongs in the family of Anacardiaceae, and is an infusion of leaves that is mainly used to cure diarrhea, dysentery, asthma, sore throat and cold sores.


Sumac has been used for half a dozen different ailments in medieval medicine mainly in Europe. Native Americans gargled sumac to cure sore throat and tonsillitis. They chewed the roots to ease swollen, infected gums, burns, and to stop bleeding.


Native Americans used Sumac to treat many ailments including digestive and reproductive issues, and early Settlers would use Sumac to help reduce fevers.  Before its introduction to the New World, Sumac was native to the Middle East and was used as a tart spice in Europe prior to lemons becoming a common ingredient. 



It is an excellent herb for:

1. Treatment of infections in the body.

2. Reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing

3. Beneficial for arthritis

4. For treating fever and respiratory infections

5. Helps to dry out sinuses in colds

6. Sinus infections

7. Allergies

8. Reduces nervousness, anxiety, headaches and mental fatigue

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As per a recent research by Chang Gung University Virus Infection Research Centre, Green Anti-Flu Green HEPA Filters have the ability to inhibit 71 infection of cells and reduce the growth of plaque forming viruses.


The results are based on the comparison between the group of Green HEPA filter and the general HEPA filter where the Green HEPA filter showed 51.34+0.28% of inhibition rate. 

The same experiment was carried on to test the resistance of Influenza virus-infected cells. It was concluded that Green HEPA filters have effective antiviral capabilities and are helpful in killing viruses and prevent transmission with greater than 99.99% efficiency.

HEPA Filter

Ginkgo and Sumac have a unique property to destroy protein on the surf

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