Let Your Generation Live Alive!


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Let Your Generation Live Alive!

Welcome to 2050!


My name is Coobie Waynell. You must be in 2020s when you are reading this. How progressive the growth was in the last 30 years! Factories, towns and cities, roads, airways, seaways and we all took a lot of advantage of the earth’s crust.


Human beings can be more creative. We have started digging earth and living inside.


Factory pollution, Coway Air purifiers


It’s no longer safe to live on planet Earth. I weigh almost 120 kilos because I carry a ventilator with me all the time. Everyone in 2050 has a ventilator attached to their bodies.


People In Gas Masks

My dad and grandparents, that’s how far even you would remember, used to work at a factory. In order to reduce the travel time, they once used to live at a house close to the factory.


Unfortunate enough to breathe in the air which contained dust, allergens, pollen, pet hair, NO2, CO2 more than the Oxygen.


Oxygen in the environment is a strange word in 2050. We read only in History books. 40% of world’s economy today is because of the leading oxygen producers and next is drinking water producers.


Dogs and Cats


Are you happy with your pets? 


I so wish that I was born in your generation, so that I do not have to care or think about the environment and surroundings and the way I breathe, and not worry about what is causing my next generation’s life a living hell.


Even I would have had a pet of my own.


Air purifiers have been the most important commodity today. There is not a home without a purifier. There is not a person living without that purification.



Let me share a sad fact to you.
“62% of the people today die of breathing problems; perhaps, we are cursed to live on Earth.”




Coway Air Purifiers


You must be thinking about your surroundings right now. You might even be proud of yourself of how clean your house is.


Because you never knew that the result is shown a while later. Coobie Waynell, now suffers because of the previous generations.


Things would have been lot more different,

If and only if you breathe Healthy.

If and only if you have taken seriously on those products that care for your personal health and wellbeing instead of those products which only created more pollution.

If and only if we all lived a healthy life.



For next generations, I am breathing Healthy. Will you?

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