Pre Filter Cleaning - Coway Airmega 150


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Pre Filter Cleaning - Coway Airmega 150

Filter cleaning is foremost a major aspect when it comes to ensuring efficient operation of the air purifier. If you’ve walked an extra mile to get an air purifier in your house to ensure pure air, it is important at the same time to maintain it in the long run.  


Coway AirMega 150 comes with 3 powerful filters namely – Pre-Filter, Carbon Filter and the Anti-Flu Green True HEPA Filter.


The air filtration process starts from the Pre-Filter. The Coway Air Mega 150 is designed in a way where it pulls the contaminated air from the front and purifiers through filters, pushing the air through the top.


It captures the larger dust particles, hair, pet fur and dander through the micro mesh. Hence, we recommend cleaning the Pre-Filter every 2-4 weeks depending on the environment and the runtime. If you don’t clean it regularly, it can clog the pores and affect the overall performance of the air flow.


Coway uses the Cartridge technique for efficient filtration which enables you to directly pull the Pre-Filter from the air purifier without the need of dissembling the body. This prevents exposure to the virus and allergens trapped by Carbon and HEPA filter. 


Pre-Filter is made to be washable for easy maintenance. You can clean the dust with a dry cloth, or choose to vacuum or rinse it with water. Make sure that you completely dry out the Pre-Filter before placing it in the air purifier. When used wet, it may cause bad smell and can ruin the filter performance.


The Cartridge design with Batch separation helps to clean and replace filters without the need to carry the entire purification unit. Just remove the front cover of the machine and move to the location of your choice to clean them.

Here’s a small tip!


Use the Coway’s Quick Dry Method-

You can simply hang the wet pre filter on the front cover and switch on the air purifier. This will enable the filter to dry faster as compared to natural drying because of continuous air circulation.

Does it really matter to clean the filters? Check out the video and you’ll know how!



It goes without saying that every breath you take has an effect on your health and overall wellbeing. Hence, it is equally important to maintain the air quality by cleaning and changing the filters on time! Make sure to only use the certified official Coway replacement filters that are engineered for efficiency and effectiveness to ensure pure air in your home or office.

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