Unique Cartridge Design - Coway AirMega 150


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Unique Cartridge Design - Coway AirMega 150

You get an Air Purifier at home which diligently purifies the air impurities, leaving you with a safe environment. But everything goes down the drain when you open the air purifier to clean your filters.




Many Air Purifiers often bundle all the filters together in the machine. Hence, when the need arises to clean the Pre-filter every 2-4 weeks, you happen to expose all the filters at once increasing the chances of allergens, particulates, and VOC’s trapped in those filters to be exposed in the air again.

While you might be religiously attempting to clean your filters, but little do you notice that its harming your environment than keeping it safe.


So, how do you make sure to clean and prevent the exposure of harmful impurities from the filters?

Coway’s R&D department with a team of scientists have researched and come up with a solution keeping you and your environment in mind.

Coway AirMega 150 comes with a unique Cartridge design that enables you to remove the Pre-Filter directly without the need to open the Air Purifier, thereby preventing contamination in the air. Since, it requires you to clean the Pre-Filter on a regular basis, simply pull the Pre-filter from the top and gently vacuum or rinse it with water.

Coway Pre Filter


Coway has developed the AirMega with a thoughtful design providing you with a safe cleaning experience. All the filters are safely assembled in the front cover of the machine. So, when you open the front panel, you only carry the dirty filters and not the entire purification unit.


Coway Cartridge Design

The idea of batch separation enables you to simply remove the front panel and take it to an area away from your living space.

In the process of removing the filters, you can notice an easy tag that helps you remove the filters from the front cover avoiding direct contact with the virus and bacteria.

The activated carbon and the green HEPA filters are safely bundled together. You can vacuum the carbon filter by holding the tag on the HEPA filter ensuring safe and contactless cleaning. Also, refrain from separating the filters unless necessary as it may damage them.


With modern design and sleek engineering, Coway AirMega 150’s thoughtful cartridge design will not only keep you but also your home health on priority. Coway commits to bring pure air into every space making it a healthy and a safe living environment.

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