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Best Air Purifiers in India April Edition - Bachao Bijli

Today with busy lives, people tend to overlook the basic necessities of life - clean and pure air. With innumerable pollutants lurking in your house, Air purifiers become a must to take care of your loved ones health and well being. 

With many air purifiers in the market, Bachao Bijli has composed an ideal buyer's guide to make the right choice for you and your house. Coway has been the topmost choice of the editors, check out thier review about Coway Airmega 150. 

Coway Professional Air Purifier Airmega 150 (AP-1019C)

Coway: AirMega 150

"Coway is the formost brand when it comes to kitchen and home appliances. They work hard to product commodities that will assist in improving your physical conditions and prove advantageous for you. 

The Coway professional Air Purifier's special feature is the True Green Anti Virus HEPA Filter. The Green Anti Virus Filter is made of Ginkgo leaves and Japanese Sumac. No pollutants, viruses, allergens have a chance of going up against this technology.

The powerful filter is allergy-friendly. First, large particles of dust, dirt, etc., get caught in the pre-filter. The filter is also washable. Next, the Urethane carbon filter comes into play, where it traps bad odor, smoke, harmful gases, etc.

With such thick filters, it can last for about 8500 hours. The best feature of this product is that it comes with a 5-year warranty along with a 2 year extended warranty for which you will need to register online."

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Source: Bachao Bijli

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