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Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier Review AP-1009 - Airswacch

As a consumer, you want the best for yourself and your family; while loads of brands are leading their way in the air purification industry; Philips, MI, Sharp, Samsung, Coway to name a few. It becomes really difficult to choose from a wide range of alternatives. 

Airswacch has worked hard to highlight the most important features of our best selling product-Coway 1009 Sleek Pro. Check out complete article on Source:AP1009 by Airswacch




  • In terms of air purification, the MI air purifier does not even come near. AP-1009 wins here comfortably due to its filters whcih are large and dense

  • You get to control the MI air purifier with a mobile Application via WiFi connectivity. Sleek Pro is a simple lad in contrast. The buttons give good response and feedback with a brief ring when pressed. Higher models like Coway Airmega 300S can outplay MI 3.

Check out complete article on Source:AP1009 by Airswacch


CONCLUSION – Coway Air Purifier India


This Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier Review lists out its most prominent features. An air purifier which is definitely a breath of fresh air! Pleasing looks, silent operation and effective air cleaning can be taken for granted. The cost is justified because it has superb performance. Top it up with a warranty of 5 years! Also, competition is sure to bring down the prices in India someday. Leave cost aside, you want air purification and this device delivers it like a boss. Period.


Over the past few months Coway users have seen it deliver what it vouches for. How common is that a product has exemplary feedback on so many parameters? Be it ease of use, cleaning or installation, Coway Sleek Pro fares equally wonderful. All in all, the Coway AP-1009 is a serious buying option. Unless you are unlucky, the Coway Sleek Pro will exceed your expectations. Rating 5 ! A great value for money.


Check out complete article on Source:AP1009 by Airswacch

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